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Copper Ion Water Treatment Systems

Cure Agritech copper ion water treatment system can be installed inline with your irrigation or recirculation system upstream of your plants. The system will dose the flowing water with an adjustable concentration of copper ions.  The copper then flows to your plants reducing or eliminating a number of common greenhouse pathogens while remaining at safe levels for you plants and the environment. 

Some pathogens that can be treated using copper ions include:


  • Pythium

  • Phytopthora

  • Agrobacterium

  • Rhizoctonia 

  • Trichoderma

  • Algea

  • E-coli

  • Chalara

  • Ralstonia

  • Listeria

Cure Agritech copper ion water treatment system will:

  • Reduce and/or eliminate chemical treatment expenses

  • Reduce or eliminate the hazardous and lengthy operation of chemical treatments

  • Reduce nuisance algae in your greenhouse and piping

  • Increase crop yield

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